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The Most Comprehensive and Effective Elementary School Bilingual Education Program on the Market!

  • Utilizes a proven, systematic, accelerated approach to teaching syllables
  • Meets the needs of ALL children, no matter the performance level
  • Jumpstart into reading for recent arrivals with no formal schooling
  • Written and field-tested by a classroom bilingual teacher with 17 years’ experience
Unique & Effective for Beginning Spanish Reading

Estrellita serves as a bridge to English, by laying a strong foundation in Spanish literacy that later leads to a more successful transition to English. Test results from many schools and districts using dual language programs indicate that children who have been through the Estrellita program in the primary grades are surpassing their English-only peers in English reading scores in later grades. Estrellita (K-1 program) was adopted in Texas in 1999 and is on its official state-adopted list for Kindergarten reading programs.

Estrellita is especially effective for response-to-intervention (RTI) students to get them back on track in Spanish literacy and their transition to English.

Intended for Students at ALL Performance Levels:
Low, Middle and High Achievers

  • PreK (3-4 year olds): PreK Program
  • Second Grade and Above: K-1 Program
  • Kindergarten: K-1 Program
  • First Grade: K-1 Program
  • SIFE: K-1 Program
  • Comprehensive Programs

    Everything you need to get your entire classroom started on dual literacy in a single package. Programs supplement your core bilingual education program.

  • Low Cost, High Value

    Estrellita is the affordable solution to dual language literacy. One program per teacher, NOT one program per student!

  • Order Form

    It’s easy to order Estrellita’s Spanish literacy education tools or re-order consumables with our order form!


What is Estrellita?

  • Accelerated, beginning Spanish Reading
  • Supplemental to your core bilingual education program
  • Multisensory instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency
  • Sequential, cumulative, structured, systematic, and differentiated direct instruction
  • Continuous diagnostic assessment that informs instruction
  • Inexpensive: one program per teacher, NOT one program per student

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Response to Intervention (RTI)

Estrellita can be a highly effective component of RTI programs. Help pull Tier 2 students back from the brink and get them back on track.

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Professional Development

Estrellita offers a wide range of Professional Development programs for Pre-K, K-1, and RTI that give teachers greater success!

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