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Escalera (New Arrivals)

A streamlined curriculum for recent arrivals 2nd grade and up

Escalera is designed for recent arrivals 2nd grade and above who cannot read and for children designated as SIFE (Students with Interrupted Formal Education). The program will provide a super-accelerated jumpstart into reading. and will serve to reinforce decoding skills and build fluency and basic comprehension.

Newcomers Escalera estrellita begining spanish readingAlthough these students have had limited to no formal schooling, their cognitive skills have been developed through their varied life experiences. Therefore, you will find that many of these students will make remarkable gains. The biggest hurdle for these children is not academics, but the low self-confidence they may feel at being behind academically. Escalera is a streamlined version of Estrellita and is designed to instill confidence as students quickly master the laddered/sequential curriculum.

The program includes the Teachers Guide; individual student packets with a customized Sonidos Iniciales for older children; the Blending Component; the Writing Component; a Benchmark Assessment and Placement tool; and vocabulary list words.


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