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The Estrellita K-1 Reading Program is a Spanish Reading curriculum that is designed to effectively teach children how to read in Spanish. It supports current scientific research and extensive classroom Bilingual reading strategies and Developmentally Appropriate practices.

K1 estrellita beginning spanish readingThe program is structured, systematic, cumulative, and entertaining. Lessons include direct phonics instruction coupled with opportunities to engage in multi-sensory activities. The Estrellita K-1 program efficiently breaks down the complex process of reading into manageable ‘bite-sized’ skills, which in turn, allows students to rapidly achieve success one step at a time.

The main components of the program are Beginning Sounds, Blending, and Writing. The Beginning Sounds
are taught using Sonidos Iniciales. Students quickly learn all the initial sounds through a picture-to-sound
chanting method. The Estrellita K-1 program also provides an individualized management system (SIMS )
designed to accelerate each student through the process of learning the initial sounds.

The program is structured so that students apply the same pattern that was established in learning the beginning sounds to learning the blending process. The Blending Component includes lessons and activities to teach students to blend letters into syllables. Students learn how to manipulate syllables to progressively make up words, sentences, and then short stories. Children soon gain fluency with the use of mini-books and home study materials. Students’ progress continues to be monitored using a daily assessment or observations.

The Writing Component includes a guide with instructions for dictation of sounds, syllables, words,
and sentences.  It also includes black line masters for tracing, copying and independent practice using the scaffolding method.

The Estrellita Placement Test & Benchmark Assessments are instruments designed to provide information needed for individualized and differentiated instruction, forming small group instruction or to share progress with the next teacher.

The Teacher’s Guide offers a structured guide through pace and sequence of the program and includes games, extension activities, and strategies for remediation.

The Parent Packet is a very essential component of the Estrellita K-1 Beginning Reading Program.
It consists of clearly explained homework and extended activities.  They were designed to strengthen parental involvement and, thus, improve student success. Parent Packets are also available with English instructions for the English dominant parent of students in Dual Language programs.


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