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Early Literacy Program

The Estrellita PreK Early Literacy Program is a developmentally appropriate curriculum designed to provide a strong foundation for early literacy development in preschool children. It is based on current research that identifies the following critical pre-reading skills: oral language development, phonological awareness, print awareness, and letter knowledge. This program develops the phonemic awareness, pre-reading and pre-writing skills needed to smoothly transition into our Estrellita K-1 program.

PRE-K estrellita beginning spanish readingPrimary introductory activities for each letter sound and associated picture include short Rhyming Stories (historias que riman), thought-provoking Riddles (adivinanzas), and energizing Cheers (porras) on a CD.  These interactive components which cover all three learning modalities, kinesthetic, auditory and visual, are designed to develop and foster phonological awareness. Syllable blending is taught kinesthetically utilizing both gross and small motor skills. The program introduces reading of simple words and simple sentences through developmentally appropriate and fun activities.

The Games and Activities component plays a vital role in the Estrellita PreK program. These hands-on, engaging games and activities provide the perfect opportunity to create a learning environment in which young children learn through play and experimentation, utilizing all their senses. This component allows the students to creatively and actively rehearse previously taught reading skills while making learning fun!

Parental instruction sheets for every level in the program are sent home to encourage parents to work with their children in developing pre-reading and pre-writing skills.


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